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Filming on Atka is somewhat of an exercise but manageable with the use of capable four wheel tucks, UTV’s and boats; the real challenge was getting to Atka! The voyage was a total of eight days with only two of those days for filming. We were warned of strong possibilities of delays for days, if not weeks due to inclement weather. In the case of our outbound trip, this was due to not one, but two volcanoes erupting which grounded us on Dutch Harbor Island for an additional two days. We barely departed Atka on our planned departure day, as a strong weather system rolled in; we would later read that this was the penultimate flight for the next twenty days due to stormy weather. Our production style and technique for this film was to keep camera movement simple, yet as cinematic as possible. Although we travelled with a gimbal, vest and slider, we opted for mainly using a tripod with one or two handheld shots, as we felt that the natural landscape of waves and tall grasses moving in the wind added natural motion to our compositions. The audio to accompany our film was, as always, paramount and we used a plethora of Rode equipment that included (and can be seen in the BTS film): Rode NTG3 Microphone, Rode Blimp Windshield, RodeLink Newshooter Kit Digital Wireless System, Rode Boompole, Rode VideoMic Pro and Rode Lavalier Microphone.