film services

We are a unique production company offering both filmmaking and photography services that can be commissioned separately or combined on a single project.
Combining filmmaking and photography creates continuity across your content with no need to hire multiple creators, saving on budgets and logistics.

We operate 100% in-house; meaning that every piece of gear we shoot with we own and we have a lot of gear,
including drones, sliders, gimbals, multi-camera setups, lights etc.

Striving for the best image quality possible we are fluent in Fujifilm, Sony, Canon and Red and can offer high resolution and raw acquisition.

Cooperthwaite Productions scales talented crew members to fit your project and budgets and we have extensive production travel experience that ranges from remote islands in the Bering Sea, 1100 miles off the coast of Alaska to downtown urban environments and everything in-between.
We travel anywhere you need us to be.

In addition to film we also offer BTS (behind the scenes) photography and film services.
This allows your audience to get a feel of what it is like to work with you and sneak a peak behind the curtain
to see how you develop your brand, message or story. BTS is also great for social media platforms.

Most importantly, we are professional, always deliver, and are fun to work with.
We aim to build a relationship with our clients and are not just in it for a quick turnaround.

We guide our clients through concept to delivery


Preparation; its vital.

The pre-production stage is what drives a production to be effective and focused; to not lose sight of goals and miss opportunities.

We work in conjunction with our clients to create efficient schedules, coordinate logistical details and outline story structures - the who's, the when's and the why's.

We ensure that from the start the film treatment is on point and the following stages follow suit.



Fun times with copious amounts of gear. 

This is where the craft of image making comes to life and our story centric narratives come together with cinematic camera movements.

We connect and scale our creative team of director, producer, cinematographer, aerial cinematographer, bts photographer and support team as dictated by the scope of the project and consistently deliver strong imagery and



It’s all in the mix.

The synergy of pre-production and production; the molding of story through editing, color grading and sound engineering.

Combining these attributes; visuals, narrative, a creative look and sound effects, we make your brand, your message and your story come to life and engage your audiences.





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